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MuscleSportsMedia features the sports photography of Derek Weller, of San Diego, CA.  Please note that the images are copyrighted (as noted per event), and the sample images shown here are watermarked.  The actual photos and/or images shipped will not have the center watermarking which appears on these sample images.  This page is updated as new events are added. 


Images may be printed at any photo center for personal use only.  Higher resolution images are available for commercial use only through license (contact info at bottom of page for details).  Also, most of the events are photographed without the use of flash or strobe units, so the resulting image is a true rendering of the scene. However, some of the images may exhibit an unusual color cast due to fluorescent lighting.


Last Updated:   March 26th, 2013



Upcoming Events: 


Events listed here are only the events that I have plans to photograph. Most of them are in the Southern California or Las Vegas areas. However, there are many more adult fighting/grappling/wrestling events, in other areas of the U.S. See related websites for details.




Latest news: 


2013 ASF was a hit (again) - pics posted now!(see below)


To order a set of images from an event, you can usually order them at the event itself (Pre-orders are not charged shipping and handling, a savings of $5). You can also order a set of images from an event (shipped on a DVD as Jpeg files) by printing the order form here, and use the order code specified for each event that you want to order (see below).  Shipping and Handling is only $5 no matter how many disks you order.  Images are delivered in JPEG format and come with a printed copy of the copyright license allowing you to print the images at any photo center. This service is provided at minimum cost for the benefit of those athletes and family members who desire high quality pictures from the event, and is a not-for-profit service. In most cases, the pictures from an event will be ready about 2-4 weeks after an event (due to extensive processing to ensure correct color balance and brightness), but sometimes they may be delayed up to 6 weeks, due to the volume and number of events.



Please select a year from the following list to view the sample photos from the events of that year, or scroll down for pictures from the current year (2013).


Select Your Year à    2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 (see below).






Order Form 



(Note:  The latest event is listed first)



Event:             2013 Arnold Sports Festival – Columbus, OH

Date:               March 1-3, 2013

More Info:      www.arnoldsportsfestival.com, http://www.americanstrongman.com/

Order Code:   ZDA4  (approx. 5,800 images) 

These are sample pictures from the event – When you order a DVD, the pictures don’t have the MuscleSportsMedia watermark in the center. All images copyright ©2013 MuscleSportsMedia.


Professional and Amateur Strongman competitions.

ZDA40038, ZDA40053, ZDA40060, ZDA40087, ZDA40147, ZDA40172, ZDA40243, ZDA40271, ZDA40278, ZDA40295, ZDA40326, ZDA40363, ZDA40371, ZDA40387, ZDA40407, ZDA40416, ZDA40433, ZDA40438, ZDA40452, ZDA40459, ZDA40466, ZDA40483, ZDA40504, ZDA40537, ZDA40547, ZDA40553, ZDA40603, ZDA40607, ZDA40644, ZDA40665, ZDA40691, ZDA40819, ZDA40826, ZDA40990, ZDA41006, ZDA41077, ZDA41158, ZDA41162, ZDA41216, ZDA41251, ZDA41302, ZDA41316, ZDA41347, ZDA41530, ZDA41581, ZDA41721, ZDA41748, ZDA41818, ZDA41842, ZDA41948, ZDA42007, ZDA42022, ZDA42051, ZDA42128, ZDA42130, ZDA42181, ZDA42200, ZDA42244, ZDA42335, ZDA42388, ZDA42395, ZDA42460, ZDA42535, ZDA42545, ZDA42573, ZDA42627, ZDA42673, ZDA42740, ZDA42820, ZDA42869, ZDA42956, ZDA42972, ZDA43010, ZDA43118, ZDA43141, ZDA43152, ZDA43179, ZDA43258, ZDA43350, ZDA43389, ZDA43410, ZDA43465, ZDA43489, ZDA43550, ZDA43685, ZDA43760, ZDA43863, ZDA43884, ZDA44049, ZDA44080, ZDA44339, ZDA44349, ZDA44361, ZDA44404, ZDA44414, ZDA44431, ZDA44481, ZDA44531, ZDA44556, ZDA44573, ZDA44601, ZDA44641, ZDA44666, ZDA44891, ZDA44906, ZDA45010, ZDA45130, ZDA45180, ZDA45209, ZDA45231, ZDA45265, ZDA45295, ZDA45338, ZDA45382, ZDA45404, ZDA45416, ZDA45420, ZDA45450, ZDA45456, ZDA45467, ZDA45493, ZDA45494, ZDA45515, ZDA45530, ZDA45561, ZDA45601, ZDA45625, ZDA45637, ZDA45669, ZDA45719, ZDA45751.


Group Photo and winners

ZDA40001 (Amateur Strongman Group),  

ZDA45782 (Amateur Strongman winner – on right, Mikhail Shivlyakov from the Russian military),  

ZDA44093 (Pro Strongman winner – on left,Vytautas Lalas representing Lithuania).







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